June/July 2005
Nothing Personal: Corporate identity thieves aim for bigger targets

Find the Smoking Gun
Corporate espionage: Is there a spy in your loop
Why smaller companies are more vulnerable to embezzlement
Fraud to watch for: Disaster scams

April/May 2005
Mortgage fraud is bring down the house

Eyes on the spies
Crime doesn't have to pay
Background checks can protect your business
FTC rules define, clarify identity theft procedures

February/March 2005
Worst case Scenario: Fraud Contingency Plans are an unpleasant necessity

Change for what? Train your employees to spot bogus bills
Alter Ego tempt troubled business owners
New tools help fight online payment fraud
Th eperks nd perils of workplace istant messaging

Year End 2004
Occupational Fraud still stings

How HIPPA fights health care fraud
Hang up on fraud with confidential hotlines
Forensic accountants assume proactive roles
Pumped-up stocks leave investors in the dumps

June/July 2004
How to spot insurance fraud against businesses

Investigating fraud in a limited partnership
Fraud investigation reports
When stockbroker misconduct needs a specialist attention
Phoenix companies may turn to ashes

April/May 2004
Heading off a Bad Merger

When management companies skim profits
What's in a 1040 and what's not
Recovering "lost" evidence with the help of computer forensics
Protect computers from employee theft

February/March 2004
Follow the Money

.....Using financial records to prove fraud
Getting the goods on inventory theft
High tech ATM, debit card fraud sparks disputes
Document production headaches?
.....Let a forensic accountant find a cure

October/November 2003
Shell Companies leave businesses washed up

Getting a confession from a fraud suspect
Contract and procurement frauds let the worst vendor win
When write-offs wipe out GOOD debts