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Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
2004 Fraud Alert Articles:
When management companies skim profits
Tax returns lead to hidden evidence
Getting the goods on inventory theft
Document production headaches?
How to Spot Insurance Fraud Against Business
When Stockbroker Misconduct Needs A specialist's Attention
Phoenix Companies May Turn To Ashes
Fighting The Bust-Out
Stay Alert For Fraud In Accounts Receivable
The Fine Line Between Gifts And Kickbacks
How To Spot Insider Loan Fraud
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
2003 Fraud Alert Articles:
Why Asset Misappropriation Can Spell Ruin for a Business
Who's reading your clients' e-mail?
When divorce looms, shared funds can disappear
The USA Patriot Act
Suspect Bookkeeper Fraud at the Bank?
Stopping Ghost Employees and Other Payroll Frauds
Shell Companies Leave Businesses Washed Up
Recognize and Prevent Phone Billing Scams
Lapping Steals From Peter To Pay Paul
Initiate a Fraud Prevention Program
How To Interview a Fraud Suspect
How Safe Is Online Credit Card Use?
Heading off a bad merger
Fraud to watch for: spotting fake checks and credit cards
Fraud To Watch For: Write-Offs Keep Thefts Invisible
For a Candid Look at Company Operations, Try a Surprise Audit
Follow the money Using financial records to prove fraud
Don't Let Workers Misuse Expense Accounts
Don't Fall for Domain Name Scams
Contract and Procurement Fraud
Fraud To Watch For: Check Kiting May Signal More Frauds in Progress
Calculating fraud damage awards
Background Checks Can Sort Out the Worst Job Applicants
Avoid Medical Mill and Staged Accident Fraud
AICPA Issues Tough New Antifraud Standard
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
2002 Fraud Alert Articles:
Are E-Signatures Safe or Will They Leave You Sorry?
Bad Accounting Can Happen To Good Companies
Conduct Background Checks Or Pay the Price
Deconstructing Construction Fraud
Detecting and Preventing Inventory Fraud
Don’t Give Away Your Trade Secrets
Divorce Planning: Strategy or Fraud?
Financial Statement Fraud Making the Number at Any Cost
Healthcare Fraud May Make Your Company Ill
How To Recover Embezzled Funds
Intercept Office-Supply Scams Before You Suffer a Loss
Let the Supplier Beware Bustouts Break the Bank and Leave No Trail
Prevent Securities Fraud
Prevent Stormy Trials With a Forensic Accountant
Proceed With Care When Taking In, Accounting for and Disseminating Charitable Funds
The Economic Espionage Act Safeguards Intellectual Property
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Be Aware of Suspicious Employee Behavior
Whistle-Blowers Can Protect the Public and Themselves
Will Money Laundering Take You to the Cleaners?
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
2001 Fraud Alert Articles:
Understanding How Management And Auditors Work Together To Fight Fraud
The Many Forms of Worker's Compensation Fraud
Recipes for Cooking the Books
Protect Yourself -- and Your Employees -- From Identity Theft
Preventing Inventory Fraud
Preventing Business Opportunity Fraud
Money Laundering Don't Inadvertently Dirty Your Hands Don't Inadvertently Dirty Your Hands
Manage Your Inventory To Eliminate Fraud
Making the Number -- But at What Cost? Fight Financial Statement Fraud
Is Your Business in Danger? Risk Assessment
Fraud Rushes In Where Managers Fail To Tread
Fraud Assessment Questioning Can Help Deter Fraud
Fighting Fraud With Hotlines
Fighting Computer Hackers
Fight Fax Fraud
Don't Give Away Your Trade Secrets
Benford's Law Comes of Age
A Strong Control Environment Can Minimize Employee Fraud
4 Ways To Fight Fraud in the Workplace
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
2000 Fraud Alert Articles:
Beating the Bustout
How Forensic Accountants Support Fraud Litigation
How Fraud Examiners Help Preserve the Chain of Custody
How Much Is Workers’ Compensation Fraud Costing You?
How To Prevent Bogus Invoice Schemes
Inventory Fraud
Know the Warning Signs Of Bankruptcy Fraud
Investigating Potential Employees and Partners
The Moment of Truth The Ins and Outs of Testifying at Trial
Nondisclosure Agreements
Taking Some of the Discomfort Out of Depositions
The Hidden Costs Of Construction Fraud
The Ins and Outs of Kickback Schemes
Watch Out for Business Thieves
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
1999 Fraud Alert Articles:
7 Steps for Preventing Vendor-Related Fraud
Avoid Negligent Hiring and Retention
Building a Better Case
Business's Dirty Secret: Money Laundering
Checklist of Public Information Web Sites
Diagnostic Questionnaire Determine Your Business's Risk of Fraud and Theft
Don't Be Too Silent a Partner
Employee Expense Report Fraud Prevention Checklist
Fighting Healthcare Fraud
Good Internal Controls Can Stifle Fraud in Small Businesses
Guard Against The Enemy Within
How a Forensic Accountant Investigates Fraud
How a Shortcut Turned Into Fraud
How To Interview A Fraud Suspect
How To Prevent Money Laundering in Your Business
Indirect Proof of Fraud
Protecting Your Business From Computer Fraud
Responding to Insurance Fraud
The Sophisticated Embezzler's Specialty
Trust Is Not an Internal Control
Understanding Expense Report Fraud
Using Computer Firewalls To Protect Your Business
Using Public Record Searches To Support Business Decisions
What You Should Know About Money Laundering
Rogers, Lynch & Associates, LLC
1998 Fraud Alert Articles:
Bankruptcy Fraud
Can You Keep a (Trade) Secret?
Bankruptcy Fraud Checklist
Employee Fraud Prevention Quiz
Employee Screening Worksheet
Fighting Fraud With Hotlines
Four Ways To Fight Fraud in the Workplace
Fraud Engagements: How an Accountant’s Perspective Can Help
Fraud Hotline Checklist
How CPAs Investigate And Document Employee Fraud
How To Avoid Third-Party Fraud
Merger and Acquisition Checklist
Payroll Fraud Can Cripple Your Company
Preventing Inventory Fraud
Protect Your Computer Systems
Traps To Avoid When Buying a Business
Unmasking Financial Statement Fraud
What To Do When You Suspect Employee Fraud
What You Need To Know About Employee Screening
Why Bank Reconciliations Are Important